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Coloring Outside the Lines

Season One

Host Brooke Halliday talks about her early experiences with mental health symptoms, growing up in a divorced family, starting her career, and where she is now. She shares her hopes for this podcast and why she believes she is qualified to be having these meaningful conversations with guests.

Imagine, you do everything you are told you are supposed to to live a happy life. But you learn that after years of working to prevent a pregnancy from occurring, your body is actually not even trying to make it happen as it’s naturally “supposed to”. Lindsay shares her experience of infertility and the lengths she went to to grow her family with her husband.


Humans were not made to fit into tiny boxes. We were not all made to be the same. And there’s more to all of us and our experiences than what meets the eye. Jennifer Brown knows that better than most. As someone who was able to see things that other people couldn’t from a young age, she knew that there had to be something bigger than what the mainstream culture and religion was teaching.

Brooke Halliday, shares her experiences with setting boundaries. She discusses the impact that her own therapy, the COVID-19 pandemic, and her first pregnancy had on her ability to set and maintain boundaries. Further exploring how doing so has impacted her relationships and overall quality of life.


Lindsay divulges the physical and emotional struggle that it took for her to become a mother and the insight that has given her.

Can you identify the biggest influence for how you learned how your body was and wasn’t supposed to look like? For Jessica, that answer was easy. Family. The discussion of what privileges traditional beauty can offer a woman were common within her household while growing up.


Married and divorced in less than two years? No one thinks they’re signing up for that. Ronna gets real with her experience of getting divorced in her 20s and having to figure out how to move forward with her life. 

After gaining clarity about with whom and how she wanted to spend her life, Lindsey was committed to not becoming one of those people that let money become the root of all their problems.  Lindsey shares her journey from child who didn’t understand the first thing about money to financially savvy boss lady making her dreams a reality. 

Everyone always talks about the bundle of joy that you will be coming home with. But no one prepares you for what can sometimes happen in your mind following the birth of said beautiful child. These topics simply aren’t talked about so when women feel anything other than joyful bliss after welcoming home their newest family member they are often looked at like something is wrong with them and suffer in silence.

We don’t expect straight people to come out as straight to society yet we expect anyone who doesn’t identify in that way to do so. Knowing that they would be the people that society is more likely to judge and shame for not being “like everyone else.” So many people don’t have to give a second thought to their sexuality that when someone does, the experience can be really unsettling.

Women are so adaptable. To our situations, to obstacles, to symptoms. When something needs to get done we make sure it happens. What happens when we can’t though? When all of a sudden, all of the things that worked in the past to keep you “high functioning” and holding it all together no longer work? You go looking for answers and solutions, which is exactly what led Gina to her ADHD diagnosis in her adult life.

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If you were anything like me, you grew up hearing about how idealistic ending up with your high school sweetheart was. That it was the ultimate goal. What I don’t remember recalling is anyone talking about what life was meant to be after the happily ever after. Ryanne joins me and talks about how real life events help you truly learn who you are and what you want out of life.

Guest Appearances

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Alicia is joined by Brooke where they talk about being socialized to go down certain "paths", figuring out identity and wants later in life, and all about empowering women to find their voice and authentic selves. Heck yeah!!

March 18, 2024

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On today’s episode, we talk about the societal pressures on women, raising young children in this world, boundaries, and how to navigate your mental health in a technology-driven world. There is a brief mention of miscarriage in this episode around 22 minutes in. Please take care while listening.

January 19, 2024

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Brooke & Katie delve into the nuances of anxiety among millennials and Gen Z, examining the impact of rapid technological and social changes on mental health. Brooke brings her expertise in treating anxiety linked to past traumas and societal pressures, particularly in women overwhelmed by life's demands. The discussion offers practical coping strategies, explores the influence of social media, and highlights the importance of proactive mental health care, providing valuable insights for those facing anxiety in today's dynamic environment.

January 24, 2024

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